Colleges and Universities

Higher education on secular campuses can be a dangerous place for Christian students.  Statistics tell us that up to 50 percent will walk away from their faith while at college.

Students face an environment where there may be few rules enforced and a myriad of temptations.  Many colleges and universities are hostile to the Christian faith.  The challenge of adjusting to life away from the home and where there values are undermined can be very difficult.

Promise encourages parents and high school students who are looking at colleges and universities to seriously consider a Christian college to lay a strong foundation for their life and career.  The cost of attending a Christian college can be higher than a secular college, university or a community college, but the value of an environment that strengthens and promotes your faith is worth the additional cost.

You can consider Crown College, a Christian college less than five miles from where we worship.  We have alumni and current students who are a part of our body!

Promise is affiliated with the Assemblies of God and North Central University is an Assembly of God college located in the heart of Minneapolis.  Explore other Assembly of God colleges and universities at www.colleges.ag.org.