Statistics tell us that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce.  That means if you stay married, you are in the top 50 percent of marriages. But even if you stay married, marriage may not be all you expected it to be.  All marriages have pain, but most marriages today have more pain than joy.  God designed marriage to last "till death do us part" and for it to be a great experience!  Promise's goal with marriage mentoring is that your marriage be in the top five percent of marriages where you not only stay together, but enjoy life together.

Dare to Be Different is a hands on method of mediation and negotiation helping couples learn how to solve their own issues in a very firm and loving way.  Couples begin by taking a survey that pinpoints areas of strengths and weaknesses in their relationship.  Couples meet weekly with a mentor couple who help them work through the areas of weakness over six to 10 weeks. 

Cost is $70. Email info [at] promisecommunitychurch.com if you are interested.