We value... the Word because it is Him incarnate and provides clear direction to our lives. We value teaching based on the Word that applies to life.

We value... prayer and worship because it brings us into connection with our God and changes us and our circumstances.

We value... family because God created it. The family is the first institution created by God as a basic building block for society.

We value... the family of God. We are called to belong, not just believe.

We value... children because Christ values them. We value them because they are uniquely open to God and receiving Christ as savior. They are a heritage from God and a blessing for life.

We value... the unsaved because God loves them. We desire to communicate the gospel to the lost and see them come into a relationship with Him.

We value... the moving of the Holy Spirit. We believe that He saves, fills, delivers, heals and does the miraculous.

We value... maturity in Christ. We need to grow in Christ.

We value... discipleship. Discipleship is the process of passing values to other people so they can be mature in Christ and minister for Christ..

We value... excellence. If it's important enough for us to do, it is important enough for us to do well.